Friday, March 5, 2010

Submariner versus Sea Dweller

Both Models have a Rolex 3135 Movement. This movement is perfect for what it is supposed to be - a rock-solid, accurate mechanical movement with no complications (apart from date). Case, Crystal and Crown The case design is a classic dive watch look that Rolex invented.

The sapphire crystal appears to be tough and resilient but can get scratches and annoying pin size damage on the edges. Crown is large and extremely easy to use. Dial and Hands have Rolex Look. . Extremely easy to read both in the day and night. Accuracy About plus minus 3 to w sec per day. The oyster bracelet really suits this style of the watches. The bracelet feels solid and heavy - more so than other Rolex watches.

The Submariner is very comfortable, and is an all rounder watch. That is to say it can be worn for any occasion, casual wear , dress wear, or beach wear. A Long history of making divers watches shows in the Submariner which has now become synonymous with diving watches. Inscribed with the now famous "Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified." The Cyclops over the date makes for easy reading.

The Sea dweller is also plenty comfortable, but due to it's size and weight one could probably say there are more comfortable watches out there. But after a few hours of wear one gets over the initial shock of its size and you don't think about it much any more.The Rolex Sea-Dweller, with a rotating bezel and black dial, is an attractive looking, easy to read, watch.

Manually winding this automatic watch feels like smooth silk as the movement employs a refined set of rocking bar gears, which mesh easily with the automatic system. The balance bridge is designed like a crossbar, held with two screws, and supported on two adjustable pillars for correction of endshake. In short, this is the kind of movement watchmakers, accustomed to servicing high-grade timepieces, are always proud to see. Waterproof to 4000feet/1220 meters! Sapphire crystal and safety bezel. The most rugged of all Rolex Watches and with much history behind it. This is a must-have Rolex for the sports watch fan.

Caution all Rolex lovers, unscrupulous people are taking advantage of the price difference between the GMT and the Explorer II Orange Hands, by converting the GMT into the Explorer II. Please be careful, check, check then double check.



The new solid end link Rolex Oyster bracelets (above) compared to the old loose end link bracelet (below).

Rear View
Solid End Link
Loose End Link

Rolex will be introducing the new bracelet on all its Sport watches.



Source: Used Watch Marketplace

Rolex Vintage Sea Dweller